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Ways to Give: Cash, Check, Online or Bill Pay

Online Giving
Online giving allows you to give with check, debit card or credit card.  Online GIving is a secured transaction handled by BlueNet. You can make one-time offerings or set it up for recurring offerings.  You do not have to sign in to the Member's Login if you want to make a one-time offering but must do so if you are setting up a recurring offering.  An email receipt will be sent to you showing the transaction was a success.  You can give online by clicking the GIVE ONLINE BUTTON on the church website anytime or, you can do so during the offering time in worship.

Consider Using Bill Pay Through Your Bank for Contribution

Virtually everyone makes payment transactions online or through a bill pay process through their bank.  The days of cash and check are quickly disappearing. It is interesting how few of us even carry cash or a checkbook with us anymore.

Increasingly, many find themselves frustrated during the offering because they have forgotten their checkbook or cash.

There is an alternative that you might want to consider: Online Bill Pay through your bank.  It is usually very easy to set up through your checking account.  Below are some steps that most banks use to set up bill pay and some advantages to you and us as a congregation when you use bill pay through your bank.  Go to the checking account section of your account and select the Bill Pay area.

  1. Set up Summerville Church of Christ as the payee.
    Name: Summerville Church of Christ
    Account Number: any number you choose i.e. date 011314
    Address: 413 Old Trolley Road, Summerville SC 29485
    Phone Number: 843-873-1517
  2. Schedule your payment. Set the amount you want to contribute, and when you want the offering taken out of your checking account. Your bank will let you know how much time to allow for the offering to be mailed to the church office - it's usually up to three to five business days.  You can also set up automatic payments which is great purposeful planning and helpful when you are either ill or out of town on a certain weekend.
  3. Your contribution is sent by mail. Your bank deducts the contribution from your account and sends it to the church office, exactly as you instructed. If you choose, the bank will send you an email confirming that the contribution has been sent.
  4. Track Contribution history: You can also use Bill Pay to keep track of your offering history, so you can look back a full year to monitor how much you gave. The Church office also does this with the check you offer. This tracking information is found under your Member's log-in
  5. Reliable and secure – guaranteed
    With your banks Payment Guarantee, you can be assured that your contributions will be mailed as scheduled - on time, every time - in a secure and safe manner. All the data you send and receive is encrypted.  The bank mails the check to the church office within three to five days.
  6. Convenient and no additional cost
    No more forgetting to take a check or cash with you to worship. Your thoughtful and planned giving is taken care of as you have set your offering up to be mailed to the church office.  Another great feature in this, is that your contribution goes fully to the congregation- there is no deduction of online fees, etc. It is the same as if you had given cash or a check.
  7. If you have any questions, please contact your bank. 
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